mkuba50 for the SVF download script

mkuba50 for the Win 7 Source download/decryption

Enthousiast for kindly providing the needed SVFs

BAU for kindly providing the File2Batch (VBS) know-how


Windows 7 and Windows 10 Dec Refresh upwards (17763.194/253) use new download/decryption created by mkuba50.

New method directly uses encrypted/splitted en-us ISO Uploads.

Old method still uses the static links for the Enterprise EVAL ISOs to download as source.

Then downloads the SVF to create the en-us Consumer or Business ISO from it.

When source was created properly it will download the SVF for the chosen language and create the ISO.

In case the Source EVAL/Consumer/Business ISOs (mentioned beneath) are present, the download is skipped, just copy them to tools folder.